Fishin Militia Patch T-shirt Black

Top quality preshrunk Tshirt by Gildan. This short sleeve shirt is lightweight, comfortable and sure to become your favorite shirt.
Manufacturer: FishingMilitia
$34.95 (USD)
$29.95 (USD)

Fishin' Militia Patch Tshirt Black

If you are going to be in the Militia you will have to have a military ranking. When you join the Militia you start as a Private and then work your way up to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major and so on. That system is great but just a little too confusing to us. When you join the Fishin Militia your assigned one rank of Friggin Awesome Fisherman. Unlike the militia where the rankings create inferior and superior classes of people, in the Fishin Militia we are all equals. WE ARE ALL AWESOME!!!! Wear your patch proud.

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