Be Careful What You Fish For Tshirt

Top quality preshrunk Tshirt by Gildan. This short sleeve shirt is lightweight, comfortable and sure to become your favorite shirt.
Manufacturer: FishingMilitia
$34.95 (USD)
$29.95 (USD)

Be Careful What You Fish For....You Just Might Catch It.

Our Motto at Fishin' Militia. Everytime a fisherman heads out on the water they hope and pray to catch "The Big One." I know I do. There has been many times where I feel the nibble and slam my rod back to set the hook and the fish on my line doesn't even budge. This is the best, and worst moment to any fisherman. As the battle begins, instantly your filled with excitement because you have a monster on your line yet at the same time the fear of loosing it haunts you. The fear of your line breaking, your rod snapping, is the drag set right?, is the hook set in good enough?, are all fears that race through your mind in the first 10 seconds of hooking your dream fish. Its that exact moment when excitement meets fear that gets people hooked on fishing and the exact reason why we say "Be Careful What You Fish For....You Just Might Catch It."

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