Welcome to Fishin' Militia

Fishin' Militia high performance apparel and accessories was created for people who live the hard core fishin' lifestyle. We combined our love of fishing and Heavy Metal/Hard Rock music and created Fishin' Militia. If you're anything like us, you work hard, play hard and fish hard. You may not be a professional fisherman but fishin' is your drug. When ever your not fishing your wishing you were. That is the person we had in mind when we created Fishin' Militia. When we go fishin' we like to look our best and could not find a line of clothing we were proud to wear. We hope you like what we have created. JOIN THE FISHIN' MILITIA TODAY.


Fish Thug is another awesome brand created by us at Fishin' Militia. This brand is also about fishin' with attitude and hauling in the big ones. There are millions upon millions of people that go fishing but not all of them fish like a Thug. A Thug Nasty Fisherman knows his prey and dominates every time they are on the water. So whether your a Walleye Thug, Bass Thug, Trout Thug, Carp Thug, Catfish Thug or evan a Shark Thug, we have the gear for you.



Bush Thug was created because we know there are some people out there who think there is more to life than just fishin'. Some of us gotta hunt too. There is a big differance between just going hunting and going Thug Nasty Hunting. All my hunting buddies are sick and tired of wearing Dynasty Ducks and asked if we could design a brand for hunting thats as cool as our fishing brands. What a great idea. So stay tuned and we will have some great stuff for all you Thug Nasty Hunters very soon.



Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fishin Militia Ice Palace deployed!